She goes about picking flowers. As she strolls down the walkway, she envisions green all around her. Oblivious to the fact she is being watched, she sniffs one or two leaves.

“Mummy, Zuri has a flower for you,” As she hands me some leaf blades. The excitement on her face is palpable.

That is the joy of motherhood. I can’t exchange it for diamonds. My children are my blessings from the Lord. They are as lush as a green field, beautiful to look at, and in need of my care which I am glad to give so they can blossom.

Parents, we are obliged to nurture  our children. Like green fields, they will only flourish when we take the time to nurture them. Leave nothing to chance. Do all you there is to do so that you will have no regrets tomorrow.

Happy Parenting

Posted for Daily Post – Green


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