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The pain of yesterday eats at her heart. How was she to forget the games that they had shared? Oh, how about the lunches shared? It was rather painful to think about. They had shared their lives together, it was hard to imagine life all by herself. Life had indeed dealt her with a blow that she didn’t believe she would survive.

Her dear brother was so far. Far from reach, in the belly of death. How had it all happened? Talking to him the night before, they made plans for the holidays. All is well with utmost precision.

Nothing had prepared her for that call that Monday morning. A chill ran down her spine, then numbness set in. He was all she had, a world without him was unfathomable. How could an unknown breathing problem have robbed her of her jewel? She felt misplaced, out of tune with the world. Yet for all concerned and for her brother, she had to prepare for and attend the funeral with a clear head.

“How do I do that?” she asked herself. But a voice within kept telling her, “Its is the best you can do for Graham.” She goes through the procession as though she were a robot and is glad for some private time at the end of it all.

Looking into the skies, Nana is wondering how to move on now that her last family member is gone. The feelings of misplacement are overwhelming. But, the need to get a hold of life’s bearings  is one she can’t throw to the wind.

Posted for Daily Post – Misplaced


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