Looking at the skies, her eyes watered uncontrollably. It had been a rough year for her and her household. From failing to pay her children’s school fees to completion, to her husband getting shot by a stray bullet, then the eviction letter effective in a month’s time.

It was chaos in her world. Her friends had tried to justify the situation as a way of life, but with frustration she had yelled, “Stop saying ‘It’s just the circle of life’…” 

They never understood what it meant to do it all alone for the first time with tragedy at every corner. Life seemed so unbearable for Stacy.

She wondered how they were going to manage. Her job was not paying so much,she struggled to put food on the table and cloth the children.

But on this day, as she looked up to the blue skies, she asked God for a helper. Someone to hold their hand through these tumultuous times. She felt peace within, like she had not felt in a long while. Then she knew that her answer was on the way.

And indeed, by evening, she had got a call from the children’s school informing her that their school needs were no longer a reason to worry. An anonymous source had taken care of that. More answers came in as time went by, indeed, He had answered.



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