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“‘Breath’, I was told. But how do I do that when grief has engulfed by lungs. It hurts so bad to breath, not to mention think about living.”

That was Dorset’s life momentarily. Praying that it would not last a lifetime.

From the grocery store, she had been met with a burning house. Her apartment was on fire with all she owned not to mention the apples of her eyes, her children. She fought with all her might and broke the door down. She ran into the blazing fire without a second thought. She had to do something and no one was going to stop her.

The firemen tried to hold her down, but the small bodied lady held so much power within her than they had expected that they lost their grip on her.

She called out to her babies, but all she heard were sobs. With renewed hope, she struggled on but the hindrances were mounting by the minute.

Inhaling an immense amount of smoke as she tried to struggle her way forward while calling on her babies, she could breath no more. That is when the firemen got a hold of her and pulled her out of the house.

She had tried calling out to them one last time, but the sobs that had once guided her were no more. That silence hit her so badly, she passed out.

Now that she had regained her senses and learned the worst, she didn’t feel like breathing again. The grief squeezed her so hard, she felt better not breathing at all.

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“It is just a snap shot, so let’s get done with it,” yelled Pete.

“It means the world to me, so cool it,” retorted Alexa, “besides, I am trying my best.”

She had waited a long time to actualize this dream. She was finally getting a passport, a ticket to see the children that had been taken away from her 5 years back. So she had got up as early as 5 am to prepare for a snap shot slated for 9 am.

She needed it to be as perfect as possible and she didn’t want to be pushed about or rushed. However, hard as she tried, her nerves were not helping her either. The thought about finally seeing her children had kept her awake the whole night causing her to be so jittery and excited.

So when Pete tried to remind her about the line of customers waiting for the same service, Alexa was angry at him. He had no idea what this moment meant to her. And she was not going to allow him to spoil the moment or the outcome.



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“Daddy, what is that?” asked Ariella.

“It is a suitcase,” replied dad.

“Can I get in?”

“No, it is for your clothes.”

“Please, please daddy, just for a while.”

Agreeing to her intensifying pleas, he puts her in and zips up.

On entering, it seemed like the best thing she had experienced. That was before sweet dad zipped up.

Then the cries started. I laughed myself to stitches. It was such a funny sight.

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Leaving work to start her summer holiday, Sara had everything planned out. She had made all the necessary bookings and could not wait to enjoy it all. It was all country this year, her first stop at the stone village. She had heard about it so she could not wait to take it all in.

Waking up so early to start her journey, she packed enough supplies to last her a week or two. The weather was great, her excitement was palpable. She was thrilled by the adventure that lay ahead, not even the heavy traffic jam would wane her excitement.

Within 2 hours, she was on the highway into the stone village. Following the directions as precisely as possible, all seemed well.

However, one hour later, Sara had not got to the much coveted sight. Checking the map for what seemed like the hundredth time, she could not see where she’d gone wrong. Nonetheless, she was lost. All that she had planned to do in the day seemed to continually slip out of her hands. Frustration mounted within her.

That was before she met an elderly man on his way from the village. After a little exchange, he said, “those are the directions,” as he gave her a detailed map. She smiled, out of gratitude and for lack of the right words. “Thank you sir,” she finally managed to say.




Working her way through a pile of clothes, her hand throbbed. “How am I to get all this done before the little girl gets up for her feeding?” she thought to herself. So she worked on hoping to have much done before the hour.

As she worked her way through the pile, little Nate, stormed in, “mother, she hit me, she hit me,” he screamed.

With confusion on her face, she asked, “who are you talking about?”

“It is Nelly, she hit me.”

“Oh, but I put her to bed just a while ago.”

“Oh mother, she crawled the moment you walked out of her room. We have been playing with blocks until she hit me so hard.”

“Oh my, these children,” she thought to herself.

Here she was, working relentlessly to ensure that all was tidy by the time Nellie got up to feed yet she was busy having a good time. Without the right reaction to that discovery, she just let out a hearty laugh. Then Nelly crawled her way to the laundry room, she giggled to no end.

There, fatigue and stress gave way to giggles that spread throughout the house. The need to hurry up was soon forgotten.

Happy Parenting!

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