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The pain was intense,
The shame was beyond fathoming,
She had given her all but got nothing in return,
except for a broken heart and shattered dreams.

She had become dysfunctional.
Even though her children needed her,
Her emotions were scattered
So could not offer them anything
for you can’t give what you do not have.
Her work was also suffering immensely.

Looking back,
She wondered why she had given the reins of her life to a human,
To man to take wherever they pleased.
She had taken her eyes off the one being that loved her truly
With the thought that she had it all under control.

There was no concealing the pain,
Nothing would cover up the hurt,
Not even the damage.

Retracing her footsteps,
To where it all begun,
She fell at His feet,
Giving Him her pain and rejection,
For the mercy and joy He had to offer.

No longer did she feel empty,
manipulated or misunderstood,
He had filled the void in her heart.
She did not have to conceal anything,
For with Him, she had nothing to hide.

That is the assurance I find,
In serving the King of kings
The only being I know that is risen from the dead.
He lives and completes whoever comes to Him.

Posted for Daily Post – Conceal


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