I have never been a fun of highways, more so in the deep of the night. That is why I ensure that I am home before 7 pm or speed  up before the demons in the darkness catch up with me.

However, on this unfortunate day, I was held up longer than usual so left office after 8 pm. No amount of soothing music would calm my frazzled nerves. My mind conjured up all kinds of evil occurrences. While I managed to quiet one, another popped up.

And as fate would have it, a few miles after my work place, I saw a figure come from the darkness. “Oh no,” I said to meslef, “this can’t be happening.” I hooted for the little person to get out of the way but she was not budging. Thoughts of zombies, and vampires clouded my mind and I wondered if this was my unlucky day.

Nonetheless, I could not knock this person over and live with it. Slowing down, I came to a halt. With my windows high up and the doors locked I realized that this was a girl in distress.

As I said a little prayer,another girl and a lady emerged  out of the darkness. They all seemed under the weather and terrified. Letting them into my car as I continued to pray, I got to learn that they were running from their captors and had been in the woods for the last 36 hours.

Though it was a sad story, I was glad that I was not being attacked by blood hungry creatures.

 **Sorry for going beyond the word limit.


12 thoughts on “SAVE ME

  1. It is a bit of both fiction and reality. The individuals from the woods are inspired by a real story and the fear is movie inspired. Thank you for the appreciation


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