downloadThe tears rolled down her face effortlessly. She wondered time and time again if no one ever heard her cries and wails. All she needed was for someone to help her, someone to rescue her from the hands of her ruthless father. However, no one came, no one bothered, so she thought.

Tracy’s family was one marred with dysfunctional instances. Her mother had left them when she was only 5 years. Life had turned upside down because it was one woman after another in her father’s life. None was concerned about her welfare or that of her little brother in any way. Thereafter, her little brother had passed on due to her father’s negligence.

Life had changed for the worst, her only friend had left her too.u

Then her father had turned on her, like a hungry hyena. He raped her on a weekly basis after his drinking sprees and threatened to kill her if she told a soul.

With no friend to hear her out and the fear for both her esteem and life, she remained silent.

However, after today’s near encounter with death, she was ready to look for help wherever she would find it.

Running as fast as her legs could carry her, she raced to the girls’ home that was a stone throw from her house. Out of breath, she knocked at the door, and thankfully, help came before her tormentor would arouse from his drunken stupor.

At last, she believed, that she would live again.

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