She had had people do things for her all her life. If it was cleaning the house, her younger sister would do it. If it was a need of groceries, then her elder brother would get them. She was not a bossy person, she just had people willing to do for her everything and anything.

It was so bad that she seemed like a manicured maniquin.

She did not have the nerve to do work that breaks nails or causes one’s brow to break into a sweat. She did not know what it meant to haggle prices in the market place, nor did she understand what it took to get food to the table.

Talk about a girl that does not have the nerve to fight any battle but ask others to do it.

Is that how you have raised your child? You are not helping them but wasting them. However, it is not too late to change the course for them. If there is one thing that you can do for your child, it is to teach them that in life, it takes one to man up, to face adversity in the face and put it in its place. Build them up to have the nerve to take on life’s battles heads-on.

Happy Parenting!


Posted for Daily Post – Nerve


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