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She was brought into this world rather early. No one, not even the mother, believed that she would make it. Yet fight she did, that she left the hospital after a long 6 months.

By then everyone in the hospital knew her and asked about her. They all seemed friendly yet she longed for that one person to be her friend – her mother. However, she was cold and uninterested. Never giving her a smile or a peck.

She was always murmuring about how this thing had robbed her of her life.

Consy was a night worker who on one unfortunate night had conceived  Although I am not sure why she had not aborted, I am glad she had not. Throughout this pregnancy, she had continued with her trade until a few weeks to delivery.

Now that she was here with no one to fend for her, the bills had accumulated and she was not sure how to pay them. Well wishers had contributed to the treatment of the little angel but she had not looked at it as good enough. How about the feeding, and who would take care of them after hospital?

All that made her even more bitter.

She could not afford the manipulation of friendship by this tiny being who had ruined her life.

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