Phrases such as, “You complete me” are so common in dating times.

I believe in love, but I beg to differ. No man can complete another. My reason for that is that because man can not give breathe to you or add another year to your life, they can not in any way complete you.

Only our Creator can complete us. We have a void, that only His love can fill up. Do you wonder why there are very many divorces and separations today? The answer is that we are all looking at man to complete us and when they fail, because they surely will, we move on in search of another who might have what the last one lacked. However, we are disappointed when we discover that the next person also has something lacking.

Some people have turned to their jobs to fill them up hence workaholics. However, they have not come out complete but rather burned out.

If we can teach our children that no one but God can complete them, then we will go on to nurture within them a personal relationship with Jesus Christ . That way, they will not go into marriage with the drive and need for their husbands to complete them. They will get there whole and complete. So all their husbands will do is to compliment them and it will put pressure out of the marriage making it blissful. While the boys will not go after sugar mummies or move from one woman to next for sex. They will have it ingrained in them that no material thing is good enough.

When parents teach their children to appreciate themselves before others do, they will not be hungry for compliments about their looks, garments and the like. They will not go out of their way to buy the latest things as a way to garner more friends. That is because they will know that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Parents, let us teach our children to find completeness in Jesus Christ and not in man or material possessions.

Written for Daily Post – Incomplete


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