imagesLife flees but not the memories there in.  They stay with us forever. The life we choose to live today matters a lot. Even in its fleeting nature, let us make it matter.

As you rush off for work, remember to give your spouse a peck or kiss, hug and peck your children and tell them that you love them.

As you carry out your duties at work, smile away because someone is sweeping the streets in search for work to do.download (1)

As you serve your clients, show them the pride you have in your work. You never know who will recommend you to another. 

Whatever you do today, do it with love and affection. The fruits will be enjoyed tomorrow.

Despite the fleeting moments, let us enjoy every second of them.

Photo Credits

  • likesuccess.com
  • dailygalaxy.com

Written for Daily Post – Fleeting 


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