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As fast as her legs could carry her, she was fleeing without turning back.

She could not imagine that she, for even a second of her life, was standing before this man. He brought back memories that she needed hidden, if not buried for life. The pain was so raw, the graphics were gross, she did not want to face them ever again.

This was a man that she had seen all her childhood years. He had been trusted by everyone, including her. That is why when their parents left them in his care, no one thought that he was a wolf in sheep’s skin.

He had manipulated everyone of them just so he would have his way with her. On that cold afternoon, with the rain pouring so hard, he had invited her to his study. There, he raped her, with no one in hearing radius. He threatened her with possible death if she ever retold the events of that day. So she had kept that dark secret with her for over 10 years. The change within her had not gone unnoticed. Nonetheless, the power he had wielded over her that afternoon had kept her lips sealed so tight nothing would shake her.

Such children are everywhere around us. We need to teach them the beauty in opening up. We need to show them why they can trust us so that they can freely download those demons and live a life once again.

Teaching them to open up will help them get justice and get their lives back from the monsters that had once ruled over them. They need to know that they alone have the power over their lives and not anyone else.




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