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“You are good for nothing.”

” Just another object filling my space,” yelled Jamie’s mum

“I should have grabbed Mr.Crawford’s offer when it still lasted.”

“I would be Ugx 20, 000,000 richer by selling you off to that old man.”

Conversations or banters such as these go on in several homes. Parents looking at their children as objects because they have failed to do as told. Most times we may look at it as utter disobedience yet in the real sense, this child has got an issue. 

Let us try to be more loving. Lower yourself to your child’s standard if you are to understand what is going on in their small mind.

Sometimes our children have some disabilities. However, because we too busy trying to raise perfect children we overlook them as traits of disobedience.

Your child longs to please you, do not make it so difficult for them. Treat them like gems and not objects.

Happy parenting

Written for Daily Post – Object


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