The sun scorched everything in its wake. Sitting at a camping site ground showed no sign of life apart from a few shrubs.The bench that held the weight of my rather tired body, seemed to ask for a bit of rest. Its only problem was that no one was willing to grant it that request.

After the death of my papa, life seemed to have dried up in and around me. I wondered what the next course of action would be. I had to get up and start what I had put to rest. But looking around for a helping hand seemed to yield no results. It seemed better to stay here and wallow in what life had sent my way.

The wind blew and there I heard a silent still voice. It may have just been in my head but I heard it. “Arise, for in you lies the strength for your future.”

It didn’t make sense, but I said to me self, “It is time to stop dwelling on the past and choose to look forward.”

Putting aside the pity party and choosing not to look at the world in grey shades, I knew that it was time to put on my dancing shoes once again. I would head for the ballroom once again to train the children that had once filled my heart with joy and pride.

What is it that bothers you today? Choose to look for the good in life today. You may have lost a loved one but it does not help to stay rooted in that space of time. Trust me, because they love you, they would not be happy to see you in a pity party instead of making the best of your life.

Allow the light to return to your world, choose to live once again.


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