Public Domain Images – Lewis Hine National Child Labor Committee Collection

“I know it’s only been three weeks…but within these walls, it seems like eternity” 

“I am not sure if ever I will play with my dolls, or if I will see mummy and daddy”

“The nights are terribly short and cold, while the days long and intensely laborious”

“Oh, how my fingers hurt and my legs ache, my feet swell and smell so bad but I have no way around it.”

“Peering through this window, I can only imagine what goes on beyond these walls”

These are random thoughts of a girl caged in misery and pain with no hope of escape. The longings in her heart are far from attainable, yet she soldiers on.

There are many out there like her, sold into slavery, early marriages and the like. Could it be abject poverty that drives them into this? Or is it the greed of their parents? Is it the hungry statesmen and women or the poor laws that govern their country?

It is not just girls, even boys face such dire circumstances. What have we done to help them?


8 thoughts on “MY HEART CRIES OUT

    • Thanks Amy. What we see today is modern day slavery in form of children being taken to homes to work as house helps in the name of helping a disadvantaged family. Most of them have no say so they slave away while we treat them like garbage. We just forget that the tables could turn and our children could be in their place.


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