8:30 am

Waking up seemed laborious, I still needed a few hours to keep my sleepy eyes closed as I poured out the tiredness in my bones. But hey, duty calls, so I am up and about, doing my daily chores.

9:00 am

I have just seen my little family off to their various destinations. My mind is clogged with what needs to get done. So I just told myself, “deal with them one at a time.” That paid off as I started ticking off one chore after another.

10:00 am

Time is flying by so fast yet I have not yet had my breakfast. Nonetheless, I am happy with my progress. I guess I will just hurry up, get done and put something in my stomach.

11:00 am

Oh yeah, I am finally done with my weekend clean up. Taken a bath and I am sitting down for a cup of tea and my creation of beans and flour chapatti, hhhaaaaa. A little TV and checking my messages sees the hour fly by lazily.

11:45 am

Time for my daily devotion hour. Off to talk to my Maker.

1:00 pm

Still feeling satisfied, I go ahead to look at my emails as I tackle my blogging tasks.

3:00 pm

Bible study time, though with this heat, I am feeling so sleepy and tired. But I need to do this, it keeps me alive, going and sane.

3:15 pm

Time for lunch and some more blogging.

4:15 pm

Time for a nap. Catch you later

6:00 pm

I need to clean my house with all this dust that the wind has been blowing around.  My little family has come back, so it is time to deal with the little ones and tackle the laundry.

8:00 pm

With children bathed, fed and in bed, laundry done I can tackle some more blogging back log. I am glad that I am covering more ground and clearing up my table. Soon, I shall be able to blog with less tension. That is not to say that I do not love it, I do, it keeps my mind rolling and active.




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