Growing up with a lot of negativity around me, I thought that I was not really good at much. However, I serve an amazing Father who through His word has helped me boost my self esteem. There is still a lot of work but I am glad that I am not where I used to be a while back.

So why not blow the horn? I mean, He has taken me from the murry clay and put me on a rock to stand. He has done great things in my life.

So let the list begin……

I write a lot of sense, I mean, the likes and comments tell me that my blogging is not in vain.

Being a mother is something I didn’t know if I would do well. However, my children are coming out well. I may fail here and there but that does not make me a failure.

Being a homemaker is one thing I do not take lightly. I was told by a person that is naturally supposed to speak good my life that I would never be able to take charge of my home. What a negative thing to tell your daughter. Nonetheless, by God’s grace, I man most of the house without breaking a sweat. Amen to that.

I know that I was supossed to write a thing, but I just could not hold back. I also believe that the list is still growing.

We are co-creators with God. So parents, speak good in your children’s lives whether you see it or not. Remember that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Use that little tool to bring good into your child’s life instead of disaster. Speak into their lives what you desire to see and it shall manifest.

Written for Daily Post – Toot Your Horn


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