There are times I wished I had more than 24 hours in a day. Then there were times I wished the day just passed by in a flash.

Now that I have the chance to dream about all this, I would slow down the time I spend with my husband, more so the joyous moments. I would also love to slow down the praise and worship time at church, oh how I love to dance and lose myself in Him.

Without thinking or debating, I would fasten the process of child birth and pregnancy. It is needless to say that life needs to take its course so we can have well groomed results but this period is one that makes me ooohhh and aaaahhh because of one reason or another. Whenever I think about having another child, I am quickly reminded about the long 9 months and the labor ward ride.

Nonetheless, life is best lived without so fast or so slow episodes. God, now all I need is the grace to appreciate all you have given me and live it out for your glory.

Written for Daily Post – Pace Oddity


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