She was secretive by nature. However, she had taken it to a whole new level when she decided to move to a new town in the name of keeping her child with special needs a SECRET.

Amy had flaunted her pregnancy to anyone that cared to see or hear what she had to say. After years of trying to get pregnant in vain, this was one piece of news she could not keep to herself.

However, after a few month, she vanished from the town. That is when I learned from a close friend that she had actually relocated. Digging a little deeper revealed that she had given birth to a child with Autism and was not ready for the shame that came with such a child.

As an advocate for children with special needs, that appalled me. I wondered why one would be ashamed of such a child yet with the right help, that baby would turn out right.

That is the story of many African homes. They look at these children as a result of witchcraft or extra marital affairs. So they hide them and neglect them, leaving them at the mercy of well wishers and God. Let us banish this ignorance and irresponsibility from our societies and give these children a chance to live. They are not our little SECRETS but children that deserve the love and care just like a typical child.

Written for Daily Post – Secret


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