Photo by  Ellespeth’s friend

We had watched them all. We needed something new, something intriguing, but that was not easy to come by since everyone in the room had a mind of their own.

Christy, the girl with autism screamed out, “I want Batman again.”

Fred, the boy with ADHD grumbled, “How about Bob the Builder?”

The choruses went on and it was getting heated to the point that Minnie threw her hands up in frustration. She had just come out from an operation, four weeks back, to correct her spine. So that action despite the pain told me that I needed to calm the situation down fast and effectively.

Flipping through the TV channels, I came across a program on the reconstruction of a monumental site by a group of disabled men. That intrigued me and I thought the children would love it seeing that we had just ended our lesson on disabled persons that had changed our world.


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