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Written for Daily Post

Walking through Dawn Special Needs Center, I couldn’t help but notice the caretakers. Each had a smile even when there is nothing to smile about. Then before I knew it, the children also started smiling, the best way they knew how.

That left me wondering. How do I smile when all I am doing is so labor intensive and draining?

Going on to one of the proprietors of the home, all she gave me were smiles. She had just rushed in for the interview and apologized profusely for having failed to honor the first one. Then she went on to tell me about one of their children who had hurt their bone hence a quick trip to the hospital. In all this, her smile never faded.

I learned a number of things while there, one of them being that the task at hand may not be easy at all. However, smiling through it makes victory tangible.

It also reminded me of a quote from the movie, Facing the Giants, “And if we win, we praise Him; if we lose, we praise Him. Either way. We honor Him with our actions and our attitudes.”

Regardless of what lies ahead, choose to look at how far the Lord has brought you instead of how long you have to go. That way, your smile will not wear out and you shall have a grateful heart always.


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