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Written for Daily Post


It is certainly fun, prestigious if I might add, amazing, and yet also daunting (you can point fingers if you wish) to have children.

From the cooing, changing diapers and the like to looking for school fees for school and nurturing them. It is no easy task yet you can never  stop doing it because apart from it being your God given authority, it is a joy to see them blossom.

Today, my only issue with these awesome creatures is noise. I know that this may not be a problem for a mother  who has got to care with a child with special needs or a parent who is praying that her child comes out of rehab totally rehabilitated. Nonetheless, that is my issue right now.

Oh how they love to shout at the top of their voices, it is a game for them. And boy, oh boy, there is no stopping them. They love it so much. It is their pastime.

Hey, I am not ranting, just writing about what my babies suggested to me, NOISE. I am glad to see you grow every day of your lives. I am glad to actively mother you. It comes with some sacrifices, but I am glad that God has granted me the grace to weather them all. My promise to you is that I shall pray for you, hold your hand, and do all I have to do for your best.


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