image chair

Photo by Ady

Walking in the park swamped with a million worries brought me to this bright red chair. Sitting there wondering about my next move made it impossible to realize that I was sharing the chair with someone else.

Oh boy was she bold. Reaching out into my world she said hello. Startled by this rude invasion into my world, I turned to see who this person was that had nerves tougher than I could imagine.

With a wide grin, she said ‘Hello’ again. Oh, that smile was so disarming. I found myself smiling back and that sent the ball rolling in directions unanticipated. We talked about a myriad of things, it was intriguing and some how scary.

That begun the journey of a close friendship that knows no limitations. She has walked the high and low places with me, cajoled me into doing things I thought were beyond my reach. She has taught me a thing or two about parenting, loving, marriage, and the like. However, above all, she has always pointed me to the right direction in my walk with Christ.

Helen, I celebrate you today, I am glad to have met you.


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