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images‘For as his name is, so he is’ 1 Samuel 25:25

So I greatly believe that the meaning of your name matters a lot. It  says a lot about you and determines your future in many ways.

‘Rachel’, ‘Jacob’, ‘Saul’. Hey, they are all names found in the Bible, but the meanings are not great. That is why Jacob’s and Saul’s names had to be changed for their destinies to get fulfilled.

So I tell my friend the other day that ‘Rachel’ despite the fact that it is found in the Bible is not a great name. She said that I was telling a bunch of lies. Anyhow, whether she believes it or not, I do not think, ‘ewe’ is a great meaning for a name.

The other thing that makes me hate this name is the fact that Rachel in the Bible was barren, passed over by her father for her elder sister Leah, and she stole the gods of her father’s house.

To be associated with such a name seemed okay when I was younger, but now that I know better, I prefer to rename myself ‘Joan’ – grace gift of the Lord.

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