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Coming home from school for our holidays usually meant ransacking the cupboards in search for whatever goodies mummy had stocked up for us. I guess everyone got tired of my bad manners of emptying the cupboards before they got a thing so them ganged up against me.

images (2).jpgWhile it hurt for starters, I learned the virtue of sharing.

Fast forward, with children and many responsibilities around me, I do not think that I live to eat anymore. Rather, I eat to live.

If there is an awesome meal some miles away from me, the first question is, “can I afford it?” Then the other thing is, “can I enjoy it with the children running up and about?” If the answers are negative, then I am better off staying in the comfort of my home.

OH life, how fast our priorities change. Nonetheless, I would not trade what I have learned and gained over the years for the freedom to hop from one place to another.


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2 thoughts on “LIVE TO EAT

  1. That’s so true, I also think more and more that people are becoming increasingly health and weight conscious and are no longer indulging in food as much for the taste, as far the calorie content and health benefits!

    While I’m here I may as well say that I’ve just started a food blog, just writing wee things about dining out in places in Glasgow. Things have been tough for me over the last few years but food is something that has always brought me comfort. Would love it if you were interested and wanted to have a look or give me a follow, it would mean a lot.


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