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For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 1 Tim 1:7

Wow, a life devoid of fear is my quest. Looking back at all the things I did not do in the name of fearing what my mother would say, I am baffled. Some were actually so silly that if I had actually done them, I would get away with it. That is obviously with a serious tongue lashing, but who cares. It does not really hurt when you are images (5)doing whatever it is for your good.

I would never have quit my first job but since I had no one to pay my medical bills, I feared for my life and gave in.

I would never have done Information Technology, but hey, I feared, if I do not, who will pay my tuition.

I would have gone for all those interviews whether it pleased her or not, just to see what my chances were.

I can say, my life was frizzled by fear that I have a trail of regrets.

I pray that I never be such a mother to my children. I pray that I shall help them nurture their dreams so they can look back and say, ‘Thank you mother.’

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