It was just the way I had envisioned it; cool and calm. I didn’t have to worry about a storm, scorching sun or any of those extreme weather conditions.

So I made my early weekend plans, and that included a brisk walk or a jog to start my weekend. Boy, I was elated. It had been long since I had had a weekend all to myself. With the children at their grandparents’ home and husband out of town, I prepared to enjoy myself with my lab puppy.

However, as I prepared for the walk, I could not find my running shoes. I remember for a fact that I had left them at the bottom of the stair case but they were no where to be seen. Asking Minnie as best as I could but all I got was her excited bark.  A little search led me to the dumpster, and there they lay filled with rubbish.

Looking at Minnie with an angry look caused her to roll up in what seemed like a ball. That was her way of showing innocence. Then she looked at me as though to say, “for the thousandth time, I promise, it wasn’t me!”


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