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downloadIt was a cozy afternoon. Having planned for it for a couple of weeks, I was here to enjoy it to my best.

All that became history when I heard, “Oh my God, what is this?” from the lady that was seated next to where I was laying. All of a sudden the weather had somersaulted. I mean, from sunny and great to a hail storm so bad our bodies were begging for mercy from the pain caused by the hail.

“Who does that?” cried out the belle a few meters from us. It was absurd. Everyone was scampering to find shelter from the furious hail. It seemed that the skies were unhappy with our lazy afternoon so they decided to switch patterns.

Oh, you should have seen everyone trying to look for something to cover their bodies with. I actually got a second or two to laugh because I had never seen this before.

The weekend plans had all gone down the drain, people’s things had got washed away. I was glad that the phone service was still okay for a call of rescue.

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