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As I walked into the gates of this prestigious school, the future looked grim. Now don’t get me wrong, but coming from a single sex school to a mixed school seemed too much change for me. The battles just seemed to have started before I knew where to put my trunk.

images.jpgBut that did not deter me from doing what I had come to do: study and be happy. Needless to say, there was a lot of change that was to happen, but hey, change is a fact of life. I embraced life the best way I knew how and forged ahead.

Two years down the road, many hurdles crossed, and all I can say is, Ebenezer, thus far the Lord has brought me.

I was not a saint, but I determined to make myself proud. By God’s help I did because I walked out of here with a government scholarship for my University education.

My advice to you is, while life is not a straight road, you do not have to swallow whatever it sends your way. Take time to evaluate situations and act accordingly. You are meant to shine, do not hide your light under a basket. Ask God to guide you in all you do and as surely as He is alive, He will.

Thanks for listening, God bless you all

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