“It has been here for so long, do you think that we can make something out of it?” asked Emmy.

“Not so sure, but there is no harm in trying,” replied Constance.

“Okay, lets see if we can make grandpa proud,” they all yelled in unison.

So the job begun with Emmy trying to see what he could salvage from the bonnet. It had been there for so long that he was not sure what to expect.

Nonetheless, the joy of doing something sinister was beyond their imagination. The work was immense, the discoveries were mind blowing, and so was the learning.

They were at it for a month, with Emmy doing most of the manual work and Constance helping whenever she called upon.

It was a vacation well spent.


14 thoughts on “AN OLD GEM

  1. What a great way to spend a vacation – doing somethig so useful. And what a wonderful way to learn many new skills, both manual and social. I’m sure they would have made grandpa proud of them.


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