Written for Daily Post

imagesSchool was not only about books but living life and having fun. So you were either with the popular gang or somewhere you deemed right for you. I was never the kind of girl that looked at myself as beautiful. It was even far from my mind to think about flaunting my looks.Then the other thing is that earlier on in Senior One, I had chosen to get born again. That meant that the popular songs did not resonate well with me nor did I follow the popular artists.

That was enough to make the decisions that I made later on life not seem popular. Just like the one below.

images (1)


‘Hey, there is a dance tonight, shall you be there?’ Noeline asked. ‘Oh sorry, I shall not.’ ‘Do you know that you are so boring?’ she went on to ask. ‘No worries, I love my life, just as is,’ I replied.

In all honesty, I was in the unpopular crowd, but that was fine with me. Life was easier lived that way.


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