Written for Daily Post

-The weather is so bad but the day has come. There is no way I am going to back out. I have been preparing for this day for months now, and I am glad it is finally here. I have to attend the Dream and Dine no matter what the elements send my way-

ddOh my God, the people I have to travel with do not seem to care that time is flying by so fast. I hope they can sort their issues out so fast so we can hit the road.

*Fast forward* Finally after an hour or so of waiting, we finally set off. Oops, the rain has invaded the once clear skies and it is falling as though the skies have turned on a never ending tap. Thankfully, we have a chauffeur for the day.

Nonetheless, the traffic jam still managed to keep me a little late. Oh, you should have seen me praying so hard that I get to the venue on time. Thankfully I got there just in time for registration and I got a great seat.

Then ‘the day begun’. Oh the facilitator, was amazing. She poked my mind, and my thought train several times. For the first time in life, I made a to-do list. That was so amazing for me. I met several amazing people. However, the one that stood out was the lady with a child having special needs. Her success with her baby was astounding. Hey, she promised to tell me an in-depth account in an interview.

I also had a chance to talk with one of my favorite writers, Jackee Batanda Budesta. Her advice was so insightful.

Then came the time for dinner, that food was amazing and mouth watering. While I enjoy this sumptuous dinner, various personalities that have shaped my country poured enormous knowledge into my life.  The theme was ‘fast shall overtake slow’ and I believe that I shall indeed make great success going forward.

It was indeed a day well spent. 2016, I have come to conquer in all spheres.


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