<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/teach-your-bloggers-well/”>Teach Your (Bloggers) Well</a>

There are a gazillion things that I would love my audience to learn. However, today, I would like to teach my female audience that in this immoral and perverse world, learn to keep your goodies in your pants or garments.

You do not have to show or give anything just because you have been desperately waiting for a man to come your way. You are much more than a one-time thingie. You are precious, flaunt it.

Take time to know him, inside and out. Get a ring on your finger, the proper way. And then unwrap your goodies.  For then you shall be divinely joined together; you are one.

You are the temple of God, the Most High, so value yourself as much as He values you.


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