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There are a gazillion things that I would love my audience to learn. However, today, I would like to teach my female audience that in this immoral and perverse world, learn to keep your goodies in your pants or garments.

You do not have to show or give anything just because you have been desperately waiting for a man to come your way. You are much more than a one-time thingie. You are precious, flaunt it.

Take time to know him, inside and out. Get a ring on your finger, the proper way. And then unwrap your goodies.  For then you shall be divinely joined together; you are one.

You are the temple of God, the Most High, so value yourself as much as He values you.


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While my human nature would prefer to stay angry, my spirit man knows better. I feel so mad at you, but I can not allow to stay enslaved by the actions of the past. I choose to move on, I choose to live a free and happy life.

It is not easy, but it is the best thing to do. It is not that I don’t wish I would serve you the same dish that you served me or even better, but I know that vengeance is the Lord’s.

I have found peace and victory in forgiving, and I shall keep doing the noble yet difficult thing.

I now know better, I shall keep you at an arm’s distance so you do not hurt me again. but as the Lord Jesus says it, I shall love you enough not to hate you.

My peace is more important to me than the arrow you shot at me.


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I would like to tell you, my dear children, that in as much as some things may not be as you want them to be, I LOVE YOU.

You are still little, I have a lot that I desire to pass on. Sometimes it might hurt or seem like a bother. Nonetheless, mummy LOVES YOU and shall do all she can to ensure that your destinies are secured and that you shine above everyone’s expectations.



<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/a-tale-of-two-cities/”>A Tale of Two Cities</a>

Well, in as much as I know that it is a tale of 2 cities, mine is a tale of 2 places. The places that bring me peace and comfort.

Church and my bed.

It may not conform to the title but they are two places I LOVE.




Thanks to a bed time story that my uncle told us often,  I developed a fear for monsters and all sorts of creepy things.

Then I also had a fear for a man that my dad said ate stubborn children. What a way to tame us, haaa.

Fast forward, and I can say that  have put my fears in a bag and handed them over to the Master. On my own, I can not deal with them well. Why should I sweat in the night because of an evil dream when there is someone greater that can deal with that for me?

So I tell my little one to pray so that Jesus can protect her. I know that He does protect her with or without her prayers. However, I need to instill in her the fact that she can trust Him with anything. Even the monsters, He shall thwart on her behalf.

So she told me the other day that she has got Jesus in her heart. My heart melted at that.

So, fare thee well FEARS. You have been dealt with well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”


It all started with my passion for children with special needs. Then it transcended into my need to raise my children right.

So there you have it, I am a person that is passionate about parenting, family and God. What better way to raise a family than by parenting the children or the people in your care? What better way to parent than to follow the manual that God has given us?

I shall do it that way, even when I fall astray sometimes. By His grace, I shall rise yet again, and do it once more.


As a child, all I cared for was to sit on my father’s laps with some chocolate and biscuits. However, all that changed during the preceeding years to things like a new dress, a pair of pants, a little more up keep money, some more privacy and the like.

As a parent, a mother and a wife, the wish list took a 180 degree turn. Now my wishes are more about those in my life and a little less about me.


  • marriage sustenance and joy
  • good health for my family
  • financial stability
  • daily and constant spiritual growth
  • Career advancement
  • Peace and joy
  • holistic growth of my children
  • good life for my siblings and my mother

The list could go on but on a whole, I desire to be at peace with my Father, in sync with my Savior and in constant communion with the Holy Spirit. That is because they are the epicentre of my life.