9“Life had never been easy for Roland. His childhood began with rejection from the very person who should have protected him from the angry elements of life. He was tossed from one well-wisher to the next because he was not the ‘ideal’ child.

You see, on his first day, the doctors had told his mother that he needed a lot of help if he was to make it in life. That was because he had a weak heart, and his brain and legs were not fully developed. That sent off the sirens in her head. She chose to toss him out of her life because was not ready for the challenges that lay ahead. Besides that, she could not show off an imperfect baby.”

That is the story of many children who are born with deformities. Those that are lucky to be born to parents that choose to love them instead of tossing them out as burdens, they live to see tomorrow. However, those whose parents want nothing to do with them find themselves in dumpsters, toilets or on the road side left for dead or anyone who cares to take them on.

Permit me to tell you that it is not the laws in your country that set the pace but the parents to these children. In as much as some countries’ laws make provisions for such children, if the parents are not willing to go the extra mile for them, the rules are useless.

So at the end of the day, it takes the parents’ effort to see them thrive. All they need is your love, will you choose to give it to them or let them die? All they are asking from you is a little of you so they can live.


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