I am glad I left

It seemed unfathomable but the urge was too strong to resist. It was my old job. I did not feel appropriately rewarded by it despite my diligent hours of work. So I decided to let go. Although I have not had the guts to tell my eBoss that I shall not work anymore because of their threatening langauge of lack of commitment, I quit. I am glad that I left despite knowing that I would not get those dollars anymore. I am happier, more in tune with my interests and a better mum. Hurray

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”


4 thoughts on “I am glad I left

  1. I also left my job, and in turn I am happier and working on my relationship with my own children that was harmed by that job. I am happy to see that your a better mum for the brave choice in leaving


    • Indeed, I was grumpy most of the time. I would work and work getting angry at any intrusion from my children. The times are different now. I am happy to find someone in the same situation. You can be sure that it shall be well and never think of giving up no matter what.


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