They have a lot of attention in what we call the developed world. One could think that they take up 1/4 of their population. However, that is not the case. These people have chosen to get out of the closet and stand up for their children, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, you name it. They may not be many, but they matter.

However, in my African setting, some of us have look at them as disgraces to society, a product of witchcraft or adultery. I do not know how true these beliefs are but I beg to differ.

They are many reasons why these defects happen and we ought to embrace them for they have the same blood flowing in their bodies like we do. All they need our love, time, affection and other resources to thrive. All I am asking is that we give them a chance to live. 

Next week is my special children’s week. I shall post several articles in their regard, as time allows. Feel free to like, follow and comment.

God bless.


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