Teach them how to pray their way to victory

6Whether you agree with me or not, we are spiritual beings governed by a spiritual world. That means that nothing happens in the physical that has not already manifested in the spirit world.

Relating to the families we are raising; irrespective of whether you are a father or a mother, we need to teach our children how to pray. Last Sunday, our children’s Sunday school presented during the presentation segment, and I was moved to tears. A little girl opened up with a prayer; this was a prayer that many people I know (adults) could never say. It was not a recital; it was something flowing from the wells of her heart, and it was deep.
7Do your children pray before meals? Do they pray before they go to sleep? Do they pray before going to school or when they wake up? Do they know how to claim what their Heavenly Father has prepared for them? If the answer is no, then you need to start teaching them. If you do not know how to pray, then you need to learn. It is never too late. Our children need to learn that the only way to deal with the problems of this world is through prayer; prayer that causes the enemy to cringe and run out of their lives and affairs.

I hope that this causes you to look deeper into that vital part of your life. Happy parenting


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