To every mother out there

mum1Life is no longer all about you. You have a lot to give and it seems that you are not getting a lot back. But I shall tell you my darling, count your blessings one by one. When that little ones gives you that toothless grin, it is a way of him or her saying, ‘Thank you mum, I love you.’

The nights seem so long not because you are having a nightmare but because you are trying to ensure that your angel sleeps well. Take their healthy look and the smile as they sleep as a thank you for your efforts.

You feel like your time is torn away from you that visiting a salon to get your hair fixed is a luxury. You wake up and you feel that the world is demanding but barely giving back. Take time to appreciate all you have done. Even when you husband does not take the time to say ‘thank you’, let the neatness of your house, the cleanliness of your children and the like give you a sense of satisfaction.

mum2You can not always wait for someone to appreciate your efforts before you do so. Be happy that that family is in your hands and you have been given the opportunity to pass on all you know and have to them.

If you learn this, not to say that it comes easy, you shall delight in your family as a whole at all times. May God bless you with a heart to realize that your family is a blessing to your from Him. Remember, His blessing maketh rich and addeth no sorrow


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