I Shall Make That First Step

Remember my friend Moryn? It has been a while, but she has once again furnished us with another story. It is about a little boy called Godfrey.

moryn1He is now four years old, bubbly and talkative. Moryn says, “Every time I see him, I can not believe the far we have come.” That statement has got a lot to it.

Moryn met Godfrey in 2011 at a baby’s home in Iganga, Uganda. By then, he had just undergone an ETV surgery at Cure Hospital, Mbale. This little man was born with Hydrocephalus. Therefore, if he was to enjoy a quality life, surgery was a must-do. Thank God, all went well. At the time of their meeting, Godfrey was in need of physiotherapy to help him learn very many things that a typical child would just learn with ease. For example, he needed to master how to balance his head, turn on his belly as well as sit at a later time. Unfortunately, there was no one to help him through the exercises.

Since Moryn was working at the baby’s home he was in, she took him moryn2up and started to work with him. She used the aids that the hospital had given them on discharge. It was no easy feat because he cried every time the aids were used, and it was easy to give up because the cries were harrowing.
However, with regular exercises steps were made.

One year down the road, Godfrey is finally walking, and he is in pre-school. That puts a smile on any caretaker’s face        



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