Technology vs Quality Family Time

The write-up, Managing Screen Time Increases Family Joy by Rachel Macy Stafford, threw a lot of weight behind the issue of spending more valuable time with our children.

Do not be fooled, children notice everything we do and make a mental note. Just like Rachel says, we need to inculcate into our children habits by doing them.


Do you want your child to appreciate the beauty of literature? Start by doing that yourself. Pick a book every week and actually read it. Then you could engage your little one in a conversation about what you have read. It shan’t be long before he or she is devouring every book in their path. 
If you are the kind whose face is always buried in your phone, do not blame your child if every spare time is spent before a television screen. So much so that when you call out their name, they can barely hear you.

There is a saying, hope I get it right, ‘I fear for the day that technology takes over human interaction,  won’t we breeding idiots?’ As callous as  it sounds, it is true. Human interaction keeps us sane and humane to some extent. My prayer is that we shall not leave technology to become our babies’ sitters and companions.

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