Guest Blogger: Parenting the right way

Being a great parent leaves profound memories in the lives of children. Your children can say things about you based on their experience of your involvement in their lives. Today I can say things about my dad and mum because of my childhood experience of their availability, the nature of the discipline, and the way they taught me different virtues.8Here is the caution: Be relevant in your children’s lives. Be there, do not get too busy to be involved. Those moments of involvement greatly define your relationship with your children. They can pick one or two virtues from you as you interact. It may pass off as an obligation but goes way beyond that. It is about a parent intentionally making the time to be in their children’s life. Children treasure parental presence more than we think. Just take care to define what characterizes your time with them.


Agatha Kisakye

Lead Consultant and Director

Child Protection Consult LTD

P.O Box 6333, Kampala, TEL: 0752628946

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