Special Children’s Trust; The Day That Was

There was no better way to spend a Saturday than with children that move my heart- special needs children. Did I say, children? Oh, it encompassed adults as well. I am forever grateful to Ms. Namaganda Florence for inviting me for this day. 12th-07-2015 was the 3rd Annual Special Children’s Awareness Day. The day was engineered by Mukisa Foundation backed up by some organizations.

It began with a walk from Centenary Park, and I was sad to miss that. Nonetheless. I did not lose out on the games that ensued at the MTN Arena in Lugogo. Words can not begin to describe the smiles on these people’s faces and how their caretakers took great care of them. Imagine over 100 individuals with various handicaps in an arena yet all they seemed were typical children having a great time. I was awed by how these men and women lovingly restrained them from running.



There were very many activities for the children and adults to indulge. They included dancing, skits, athletics (to a minimal level) and so much more.

ATT_1436945530358_IMG_20150711_120204 ATT_1436945511083_IMG_20150711_120728 ATT_1436945490624_IMG_20150711_120817 ATT_1436945473337_IMG_20150711_121225 ATT_1436945451233_IMG_20150711_121258

It was amazing how they were willing to do anything regardless of their handicap. They were simply thrilled to have fun, and there was no limit set for them. The only requirement was determination, and they had that in plenty.

ATT_1436945433695_IMG_20150711_122317 ATT_1436945391948_IMG_20150711_122733 ATT_1436945376553_IMG_20150711_122737 ATT_1436945280790_IMG_20150711_123030 ATT_1436945145645_IMG_20150711_135235   

Life is not about how much you have but how you use what you have. That is what these handicapped persons taught me.


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