Guest Blogger: Disciplines necessary for forming and sustaining family traditions

On the #1 tee at Tradition Golf Club before the final round of the 8th Annual Myrtle Beach golf trip

On the #1 tee at Tradition Golf Club before the final round of the 8th Annual Myrtle Beach golf trip

Family traditions are rituals, practices and       beliefs of a family that are handed down from one generation to the next. Family traditions or family cultures are an aggregate of attitudes, ideas and ideals that someone inherits. Such traditions would include:

  • a parent reading a book for their children just before they go to bed
  • having the Christmas meals with grandparents every year
  • going to the library once a week
  • having a family meeting once every week

Family traditions, therefore, are those special ways of doing things over and over again. It is important that family traditions make our families stronger. When you use a muscle in your body over and over again, that muscle will grow stronger. In the same way, repeated shared traditions give the family stability and a feeling of belonging. These traditions we form in our families should, therefore, be meaningful6

Here are some advantages attached to developing family traditions:-

  • It increases children’s sense of security and well-being
  • it helps children recall pleasant family memories and hold onto them as they live life
  • it helps re-enforce values
  • children feel more confident and optimistic about the future

For any family to develop and sustain its traditions, it is important to consider aspects like consistency, purpose, intention, well-understood objectives, collective effort/input, availability, and love. With these, we are sure of developing meaningful and long-lasting traditions.


Agatha Kisakye

Lead Consultant and Director

Child Protection Consult LTD

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Guest Blogger: Parenting the right way

Being a great parent leaves profound memories in the lives of children. Your children can say things about you based on their experience of your involvement in their lives. Today I can say things about my dad and mum because of my childhood experience of their availability, the nature of the discipline, and the way they taught me different virtues.8Here is the caution: Be relevant in your children’s lives. Be there, do not get too busy to be involved. Those moments of involvement greatly define your relationship with your children. They can pick one or two virtues from you as you interact. It may pass off as an obligation but goes way beyond that. It is about a parent intentionally making the time to be in their children’s life. Children treasure parental presence more than we think. Just take care to define what characterizes your time with them.


Agatha Kisakye

Lead Consultant and Director

Child Protection Consult LTD

P.O Box 6333, Kampala, TEL: 0752628946

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An angel came my way

My lovely readers and followers, I am honored by the generosity accorded to me by you. For reading my posts diligently, I am forever grateful. For sometime now, I have been featuring work by Moryn. Moryn, your input is priceless and I am indebted to you.

I am also glad to say that some other people have also agreed to co-write with me. Therefore you shall see an assortment of articles on family and all it entails.

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Special Children’s Trust; The Day That Was

There was no better way to spend a Saturday than with children that move my heart- special needs children. Did I say, children? Oh, it encompassed adults as well. I am forever grateful to Ms. Namaganda Florence for inviting me for this day. 12th-07-2015 was the 3rd Annual Special Children’s Awareness Day. The day was engineered by Mukisa Foundation backed up by some organizations.

It began with a walk from Centenary Park, and I was sad to miss that. Nonetheless. I did not lose out on the games that ensued at the MTN Arena in Lugogo. Words can not begin to describe the smiles on these people’s faces and how their caretakers took great care of them. Imagine over 100 individuals with various handicaps in an arena yet all they seemed were typical children having a great time. I was awed by how these men and women lovingly restrained them from running.



There were very many activities for the children and adults to indulge. They included dancing, skits, athletics (to a minimal level) and so much more.

ATT_1436945530358_IMG_20150711_120204 ATT_1436945511083_IMG_20150711_120728 ATT_1436945490624_IMG_20150711_120817 ATT_1436945473337_IMG_20150711_121225 ATT_1436945451233_IMG_20150711_121258

It was amazing how they were willing to do anything regardless of their handicap. They were simply thrilled to have fun, and there was no limit set for them. The only requirement was determination, and they had that in plenty.

ATT_1436945433695_IMG_20150711_122317 ATT_1436945391948_IMG_20150711_122733 ATT_1436945376553_IMG_20150711_122737 ATT_1436945280790_IMG_20150711_123030 ATT_1436945145645_IMG_20150711_135235   

Life is not about how much you have but how you use what you have. That is what these handicapped persons taught me.

The fight for my life- Terrence’s story

Another child that the gifted hands of Moryn worked on is a nephew. Therefore, you can understand how close to her heart this child is. Unlike the usual trips to Masaka, this call for duty was at an arms distance. He was born with no complication whatsoever; he was a healthy baby. At one week, this little boy and his mother had just returned home. However, he developed an infection and had to see the doctor. He was immediately referred to IHK because the physician could not handle this problem in his clinic. On arrival, he was taken to the NICU where he spent three weeks in a battle for his life. For two weeks, the physicians could not figure out what the problem was. They tried all they knew how but he just kept getting worse. It was so bad that his body organs could not function on their own hence necessitating the need for life support machines. There was a time when he seemed to be turning for the best; responding to medication, however, the sense of joy was short lived. That was because they realized that he had developed neurological problems. His eyes were not moving regularly and to top it all, he had developed hydrocephalus. By the time they left the hospital, they were very grateful to God that he was alive. However, they were not sure of what to do with all these ugly developments in the little boy’s life.

moryn1Small Terrence had developed mental problems therefore he could not meet all his developmental goals as a typical child would. Besides that, his parents did not respond to these changes as fast as needed because they had no idea of what to do with him. It is very stressful to deal with a healthy turned sickly baby.

Moryn made it a point to check on little Terrence regularly to ensure that his head was not getting bigger and to give his parents hope and encouragement.  When he made one year, Moryn started indulging him in physiotherapy to teach him how to control his head, roll on his tummy, hold things in his little hands and sit. Progress seemed slow in the first few months. However, with patience and hard work, this little man started making a tremendous improvement. He is now two years, and Moryn says that he has just learned how to sit although he has not learned how to hold things in his hands or coordinate his body well. Moryn says, “I have faith that we are going to reach those milestones.”  Right now, the next goal is to crawl and walk.

There are good and bad days in Terrence’s life. For example, he has weak immunity, so he quickly gets infections, he is constantly in and out of hospitals because his cerebral fluid repeatedly gets infected, so it needs to be drained.

The future is not bright, but I know that every success is cause for a triumph for Terrence, Moryn, and his parents. I hope that I will give you more details as he grows. We pray for the best Terrence.