A bit about yoga

For those of you who enjoy practicing yoga, meet the “god” you are REALLY meditating to.

His name is Shiva, and he is the god over the entire system of yoga in Hinduism.

You didn’t think you were meditating to the God of the Bible, did you?

Yoga belongs strictly to Hinduism. It’s a Hindu spiritual practice: not a Christian one. The Bible tells believers in Christ to meditate on God’s Word. *Josh 1:8, Psa 1:2, Psa 104:34, Isa. 26:3, Matt 6:6, Philip. 4:8

Believers in Christ who are suppose to be the light, have no business adopting the spiritual practices of those who are yet still in spiritual darkness.

Instead of converting them over to Jesus, many of you are being converted instead to worshipers of Shiva! To your ultimate shame.


Read the truth about yoga direct from the source: those who are practicing yogis, swamis and scholars on the subject. You can find many of them right here in this article I wrote on the topic:


The truth shall indeed make you free. But only if you’re not afraid of it! Repent, and be bold enough to free your mind, heart and soul today.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart BE ACCEPTABLE IN YOUR SIGHT, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” *Psalm 19:4

God bless.


*This image represents the union of Shiva and Shakti, god of yoga and the feminine goddess power behind all of Hinduism. The ultimate goal of yoga is to transform into a living god/goddess.

Adapted from https://www.facebook.com/mack.major.3?fref=nf


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