A love for the less loved

Meet Moryn N’zi, ‘mother’ of many for she has a passion for children but mainly those with special needs. She enjoys helping and working with them most especially those with spinal tuberculosis, spinal cord injury, knock knees, hydrocephalus, bow legs, autism, cerebral palsy and those that are mentally slow.

moryn1 Moryn with Eunice, a baby having hydrocephalus.

She has been doing this for the last 6 years, working with babies in institutional settings. Her love for special needs children was inspired by the fact that most people that have these children either have limited time to cater for the needs of these children, the resources available are limited or both. Therefore these children fail to develop motor, communication and independence skills even though they would have come out better in a short while with dedicated help. This then makes these children turn into a lifetime burden.

When volunteering in babies’ homes, Moryn looks out for these special needs children and does her best to spend time working with them. In as much as she did not get education in this field, her love for the children has got her to educate herself through reading related books, searching the Internet, observing the children as they go through their physiotherapy in addition to consulting with doctors specializing in special needs children



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