A bit about yoga

For those of you who enjoy practicing yoga, meet the “god” you are REALLY meditating to.

His name is Shiva, and he is the god over the entire system of yoga in Hinduism.

You didn’t think you were meditating to the God of the Bible, did you?

Yoga belongs strictly to Hinduism. It’s a Hindu spiritual practice: not a Christian one. The Bible tells believers in Christ to meditate on God’s Word. *Josh 1:8, Psa 1:2, Psa 104:34, Isa. 26:3, Matt 6:6, Philip. 4:8

Believers in Christ who are suppose to be the light, have no business adopting the spiritual practices of those who are yet still in spiritual darkness.

Instead of converting them over to Jesus, many of you are being converted instead to worshipers of Shiva! To your ultimate shame.


Read the truth about yoga direct from the source: those who are practicing yogis, swamis and scholars on the subject. You can find many of them right here in this article I wrote on the topic:


The truth shall indeed make you free. But only if you’re not afraid of it! Repent, and be bold enough to free your mind, heart and soul today.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart BE ACCEPTABLE IN YOUR SIGHT, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” *Psalm 19:4

God bless.


*This image represents the union of Shiva and Shakti, god of yoga and the feminine goddess power behind all of Hinduism. The ultimate goal of yoga is to transform into a living god/goddess.

Adapted from https://www.facebook.com/mack.major.3?fref=nf


A love for the less loved

Meet Moryn N’zi, ‘mother’ of many for she has a passion for children but mainly those with special needs. She enjoys helping and working with them most especially those with spinal tuberculosis, spinal cord injury, knock knees, hydrocephalus, bow legs, autism, cerebral palsy and those that are mentally slow.

moryn1 Moryn with Eunice, a baby having hydrocephalus.

She has been doing this for the last 6 years, working with babies in institutional settings. Her love for special needs children was inspired by the fact that most people that have these children either have limited time to cater for the needs of these children, the resources available are limited or both. Therefore these children fail to develop motor, communication and independence skills even though they would have come out better in a short while with dedicated help. This then makes these children turn into a lifetime burden.

When volunteering in babies’ homes, Moryn looks out for these special needs children and does her best to spend time working with them. In as much as she did not get education in this field, her love for the children has got her to educate herself through reading related books, searching the Internet, observing the children as they go through their physiotherapy in addition to consulting with doctors specializing in special needs children


Old Sticky Love

This is my prayer for my marriage, sticky love

Beautiful Life with Cancer

I believe in goals. I believe in knowing what race you are in and running toward that finish line. I believe in knowing what road you are on and what the destination is.

Love. I want my love to be sticky.

Newlywed James and Caroline were magnificently in love with love. We promised and we dreamed but we were only tying on our tennis shoes and the gun had not even yet been shot. Counseled, researched, planned, and eager, we set out in the race of marriage and a life together. But we had not yet gotten shin splints, holes in our tennis shoes, and the weather was a perfect sixty-five degree sunny day.

Newlywed James and Caroline sat in the food court of the shopping mall, planning where the day and our life would take us. And then we got some of the best advice new love can be…

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The joy of sharing


This Good Friday is probably my best by far, not that someone gave me a lavish gift, but that I was given an opportunity to spend it with orphans in one of our slums. These children made me want to cry because everywhere I turned, almost every statement I heard, signaled a need. When I was shown where they stay, I was ashamed because I am tired of the rented house I stay in. For a moment, I felt ungrateful of my living conditions. Yet when they were praising and worshiping their Creator, they did it with all they have got.

I later discovered, that apart from the cup of porridge they had taken in the morning and a bun, they had not eaten anything else. By the way, these children range from 1 year to 20 years. So you can imagine a 1 year old trying his or her best to make do with what they were given at about 10 am and time check is 2 pm or 14:00 hrs. I looked at these babies and I was filled with sorrow, yet they were wearing joyful faces save a few who could not contain it anymore.

They sat down and patiently waited to be served, they did not scramble for the food and every one of them, I mean every one of them said thank you for the plate of food they received. I know this because I was near the serving point. Even the older ones waited for their turn to be served and they respected the fact that the younger ones had to get food first.

I am not here to praise some parent-less kids so you can feel sorry for them, I am simply narrating what my day entailed and the fact that I was amazed at how there children had so little and made do with it and were thankful even when major delays occurred.

I was also amazed at the joy they showed on seeing us and the fact that the older ones were even willing to give us a hand to do a myriad of things. Their respect for the lady that heads the home was one that showed you that she loved them and they loved her too.

I am forever thankful to the Rotaract Club of Kampala North for making this possible for me. It was such a great way to celebrate the death of my Savior with children that do not have a say in what they will eat, when and have no certainty of  where that meal will come from. I pray that I will be able to learn from them more as well as give what I can to them. I am also glad that even though my babies are not mature enough to understand life, they were with me to share this day with these orphans.

Be thanktful

I do not know if it is I with a problem but I believe that every miracle needs to be celebrated, however small. If one’s miracle is that they were able to get lunch today yet you need a car, it is no reason for you to throw it in the dustbin. I guess you simply need to hold onto it and tell God that if He can give someone lunch, then He surely can give you that car.

I guess the problem here is that we have got so familiar with God that we think it is our right to have life today, strength throughout the day, breathe. It is no wonder many of us have stopped thanking Him for the life He’s given us, the strength to move and the like. It takes one trip to the ICU ward to appreciate this because you will learn that it takes energy to blink those beautiful eyes of yours.

It is from this thankfulness that worship and praise is born. You can not worship Him if you can not acknowledge even the smallest of things He has done for you.

Let us imagine that your dad bought you a sweet today but you never bothered to say thank you, how do you expect him to have the zeal to buy for you a chocolate bar tomorrow? In my tribe, there is a saying that goes, he who does not appreciate will not be given again, so in as much as God sends rain to the righteous and the wicked, let us not take it for granted that we are alive today. Let us thank Him for the smallest of things then we will also learn not to complain since we will be thankful at all times.

Getting back to the issue of celebrating all miracles, I guess you also need to learn more about the person that is giving that testimony your are belittling. This will throw more light and give the testimony the weight it deserves. You may tell me that that is a lot of time to waste and you do not have it, but if you want to cultivate in you the art of thankfulness, then may be you need to take that extra step. I hope that you will celebrate other people’s joys no matter how small as you wait for yours to come along and will thank God for what seems like daily routine for you.

Why point that finger?

“What did she do? When she claims to be a born again!!! I guess you see why I can never join those confused people.” These and many more are the kind of responses you here time and again when a Christian falls. However, what beats my understanding is, does one become immortal when the confess Christ as their Lord and Savior? I thought we are yet to be transformed meaning that we are still in this flesh that has fleshy desires. Therefore we are prone to sinning and the Bible I read tells me that a saint is just a sinner who falls down and gets up, not one that never sins.

Beloved, as a born again Christian, I sin but having the audacity to acknowledge my sin, repent and ask God for the grace to stay on the straight and narrow is what I believe pleases my God. You know Paul tells us in Romans 3:23, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. This scripture does not discriminate in any way, born again or not. However he goes on to say in vs.24, and are justified by His grace as a gift through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. This indeed tells me that in as much as I am a sinner, I was redeemed, so no matter what I do today, I am redeemed because what Christ did at Calvary is eternal.

But that does not mean, fellow Christian, that you go on sinning since you know that He was wounded for your transgressions, He was crushed for your iniquities, Isaiah 53:5. Embrace the grace by which Christ reconciled you to the Father. This grace causes God not to count our sins against us but entrusts us with the message of reconciliation, 2 Corinthians 5:19. It is this same grace that causes us to be so drawn to the Father that we want no sin to be in us. Let Romans 12:2, Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect, be our stepping stone to triumphing over sin and yielding ourselves to Christ.

Then to my friend that is not yet born again, I guess, now is the time. Let not the actions of a Christian, a pastor be your reason not to get personal with Christ. Remember, we will stand before His judgement throne to account for our deeds on earth. You will blame no one but you for not finding your name in the book of life. You need to also desist from being the judge of other for He says, vengeance is mine. Christ also tells us to first remove the log from our eyes before we tell another to remove the speck in theirs. Remove that log my dear and your sight will be a whole lot clearer.

It is always my prayer that as someone reads this, they will be propelled to yield to God’s word in every way.

*All scripture quotes are from ESV.