Covenant with God today

I hope words such as native doctors or witches/wizards are not new to you. The reason I bring them up today is because, if one is to visit this doctor, they are asked for things such as a white cock, a white goat and the like.This is not forgetting the hefty sum of money that they ask in addition to those hard to get items. The speed with which people get these items to them is so alarming yet most times, such people are so desperate without a cost to waste.

What got me writing about this today is the way many of us react when a pastor or any church leader asks us to contribute towards something at church. We are so quick to call the thieves, con-men and the like. However, many of us love the scripture that says, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” We believe that indeed God is willing to meet all our needs, however, there is a catch to it. Paul speaks this blessing to the church of Philipi because they stood with him in many ways, monetary inclusive and he said that their sacrifice was pleasing to God.

Brethren, there is no way you can invest in God and fail. He tells us in Malachi 3:6-9 how we are robbing Him, then He gives us hope in vs.10-12 that if we will stop our vice of theft, He will bless us abundantly and rebuke the devourer on our behalf. So what are we waiting for, let us partner with Him and see our lives change for the better. The devil uses these native doctors as vessels to your destruction and to block your eyes from seeing how wonderful so God is and how much He loves you so you only visit them at your own peril.

*All scripture quotes are from ESV


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