Let those words speak to you

I was chanced to attend a women’s meeting, ‘Prevailing women’s fellowship’, and the message for the day was Resurrection Power. The preacher of the day went on to tell us about this power and to compare our lives as Christians with that of Christ. There are very many resemblances and that got me to remember that He told us that because He has been persecuted we will face the same but encouraged us to be firm because He has overcome the world.

Upon wrapping up, the Pastor’s wife admonished us to personalize the word of God. She went on to say, “let the word of God speak to your circumstances, do not just leave it on the pages of the Bible.” What got my attention the most was the fact that in all the years of my salvation, I had never really personalized a scripture. Then she reiterated the scripture in relation to the subject matter, Phillipians 3:10a; that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection.

It is not everyday that a line or scripture  really hits home, but this one did at the right time. As I await to commemorate the death and resurrection of my Savior, I realize that the very power that raised Him from the dead can raise whatever died in my life as long as it was according to His will.

I pray that as we celebrate Passover, Easter, we may remember that He that raised the dead saints and they were seen in the streets that night can raise up whatever has been dead in our lives today.



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