He never changes


He healed the sick, freed the oppressed, fed the hungry and a whole lot more. We say that He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Then why do we say that the miracles He performed remained in the era He lived on earth? Do we even understand the scriptures we chant out sometimes? Do we understand how far reaching they go? If not, then it is time we gave them the might they command. They are the very breath of God and they carry His very power. Because He is never changing, it means that what he did then, He can do now. Just like He told the lady with the issue of blood,”Daughter of Abraham, your faith has made you whole”, He is able to say to you today. However, are you willing to go the extra mile like she went? Are you willing like blind Bartimeus to raise your faith despite the voices that shut you up? Faith to many is lunatic, but to a Christian, it is the very essence of living. Today, He will heal you and forgive you of your sins, He is waiting at the door of your heart as He knocks. If only you will open for Him, He will come in and dine with you. He loves you with a love so deep, let Him shower you with it.


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